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Furniture Care Tips

Coconis Furniture & Mattress 1st understands that your new furniture is an investment, that's why we've created this page to help you care for your furniture. We want to make sure your furniture is enjoyed for many years to come. Just as your automobile needs periodic care, your furniture does too. Our Motto is: “If you take care of it– We’ll take care of it”

Coconis Furniture & Mattress 1st Service Department

740-452-1231 opt 2

 Our Service Department is located in our Warehouse.
25 East Main St
South Zanesville, Ohio 43701

If you received a cleaning kit with your protection plan purchase please know these products are safe to use. Make sure you read the directions on them and always test on the back or bottom of the item before using a product.
For refills on these items please go to your closest Coconis Furniture & Mattress 1st location for your FREE Refills

We strongly recommend that all furniture be professionally cleaned periodically.

Wood Furniture Care


What to do

  • Protect the tops of wood furniture from spills by cleaning them up immediately

  • Lift items when moving them

  • Make sure furniture is level

  • Anchor furniture to prevent accidental tipping

  • Store dining table leaves in a flat, dry area when not in use. Manufacturers make tabletops to fit evenly without the leaves inserted.

  • Dust wood finished once a week with a soft lint-free cloth.

  • Dining chair legs may need tightened or leveled. Do so with all legs on the floor (If you tighten with the legs in the air, it will not be level to your floor)


What not to do

  • Do not place wood furniture in direct sunlight, this can cause discoloration.

  • Never force moving pieces

  • Do not scoot or drag items to move them

  • Avoid waxes and polishes

Note: Distressing is added by the manufacturer to add character, beauty, style, and depth to a piece and is not considered a defect. Distressing varies from piece to piece.

Upholstered Furniture Care


What to do

  • Vacuum your furniture regularly

  • Reverse and rotate your cushions weekly

  • Fluff backs and arms regularly

  • Rearrange your furniture often

  • Regularly check & tighten legs


What not to do

  • Do not remove cushion covers for cleaning

  • Never pull a loose thread, cut it instead

Note: Piling is completely normal and is to be expected. It can be removed with a fabric shaver periodically. Be careful not to over-shave the fabric as this can damage it. Please contact our service department with further questions about shaving your upholstered furniture.

Leather Care


What to do

  • Condition your leather furniture to replace evaporated oil (just like your skin!)

  • Apply leather conditioner evenly and with a clean cloth

  • Clean spills using a damp cloth


What not to do

  • Avoid long-term direct sunlight or heat

  • Never use harsh chemicals or saddle soap

  • Avoid suntan lotions, skin moisturizers, air fresheners, hair gel, etc. coming into contact with the leather

Reclining Furniture Care


What to do

  • Fluff backs and arms regularly

  • Rearrange your reclining furniture 3-4 times per year to ensure even wear

  • Check for loosened bolts and screws occasionally


What not to do

  • Never force a mechanism open or closed

  • Avoid continually leaning toward one side

Note: Most reclining pieces have zipper access to fill backs for a firmer feel.