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Storage Bed Guide

Storage Bed

Priorities are changing. Storage and function now play a crucial role in thinking about how you will decorate and arrange your bedroom. Luckily, furniture designers have taken note of this, and now offer a variety of bed styles with storage to help you find the perfect balance between fashion and function. Whether you're trying to take advantage of a small space, or just appreciate the extra option, a storage bed may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Bookcase Beds/Headboard Storage

bookcase beds

As the name implies, bookcase beds offer the 2-in-1 function of a bookcase and a bed. This bed style features a headboard with some form of shelving, making it a great display option for books, framed photos, or decorative pieces. However, if you'd rather hide clothing and other items out of sight, you may want to look to a different storage bed style.

Benefits of Bookcase Beds
  • Easier than adding shelves to your wall
  • Can save space by replacing a standard nightstand
  • Great for displaying and organizing items
  • Less suited for keeping items out of sight

Footboard Storage

Footboard Storage Bed

Beds with footboard storage are increasing in popularity, as the drawers don't take up floor space or affect the bed's overall style, while offering ample storage. Dimensions for this style may not show the length of the bed with the drawers fully extended, so be sure to take this into account when measuring how it will fit in your bedroom.

Benefits of Footboard Storage Beds
  • Often feature cedar-lined drawers to protect against moisture and infestations
  • Bed style doesn't typically require a box spring
  • Common on low-profile or platform beds
  • Ideal for making the most out of limited floor space

Side-Bed/Under-Bed Storage

Sideboard Storage Bed

With this style, the storage exists under the side of the bed, often in one large drawer, or multiple side drawers. Like footboard storage, under-bed storage won't take up extra floor space, and makes a great option for a small bedroom, especially if you need to position your bed in a corner.

Benefits of Under-Bed Storage Beds
  • Drawers may be available for either side of the bed, or both sides
  • Bed style doesn't typically require a box spring
  • Often feature cedar-lined drawers to protect against moisture or infestations
  • Great for storing clothing or bedding
  • Common with youth beds, often called "Captain's Beds." Makes great additional storage for toys, clothes or extra bedding